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Vision statement: To provide a helping hand to those struggling with obesity, to provide an ear to listen to their pain, to lift them up in encouragement and support, and to provide a safe place for them to heal.

Mission Statement: At the heart of Body & Mind Medical Weight Loss Center is you, your health, and your happiness.

If you’re reading this right now then you’re in the right place at the right time. Perhaps you’re wondering if you’ll be there to watch your kids grow up or maybe you’re hoping you can run around the park playing football with your family. Or it could be that you just want to be able to walk from your car to your job without being out of breath. You can do all of this and more. You have the inner strength to change your path. This is not the end of your story.

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“Weight no more”®

The Weight No More® program is a comprised of an active component of 16 weeks and a maintenance phase of 36 weeks. It’s perfect for you if you need more structure, have issues with emotional eating and other stressors of life, and want the convenience of a personal trainer working with you twice weekly.


“Enliven your spirit”®

The Enliven Your Sprit Program is a 4 week program and is a mini-version of our full 16 week program. It is great for those who would like to try our program out, pre- or post-bariatric patients or for those who just need a boost in their wellness efforts.


Believe and Achieve

This program is wonderful for little ones ages 8-11 who are struggling with their weight.


Jump Start to Health®

The Jump Start to Health Program is a combination of the Enliven Your Spirit program and the innovative intervention called the KE Diet®. It includes everything in the Enliven Your Spirit® program + a 10 day cycle of the KE Diet®. As mentioned the KE Diet® is a revolutionary approach to losing not just weight but body fat.


We Understand Your Struggle
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Tanya Scurry, MD. Medical Director

About the Body & Mind Founder

I’m a native southern Californian and earned my B.S. in Pharmacy from the University of Washington, my medical degree from the American University of the Caribbean, and then entered a general psychiatry residency at the University of Kansas Medical Center. Throughout all of this, I battled with significant weight issues, reaching 500 pounds. I realized that my health was suffering with each passing year. It got to the point that I couldn’t walk a few feet without struggling to breathe. In 2011, due to the grief over my mother’s passing, I threw myself more deeply into food. I was in hell but I couldn’t get myself out of it. One day a friend of mine helped me begin my journey to better health. She took me to the grocery store where she made me look at labels and pick out foods that were healthy for me. She’d control my portion sizes and also offered to make dinners for me. She did this until I had bariatric surgery in December 2012. When I lost almost 200 pounds in 2013 I hit a plateau. I finally realized that the one thing I hadn’t tried was exercise. Long story short Johnny became one of the main reasons I’m alive today.

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Johnny Bogarin, Program Director

As a child I lived an active lifestyle, playing sports and running around. I remained active as a young adult, and went on to play football at a collegiate level. Once my football career came to an end, I was faced with a huge adjustment, all physically, socially, mentally and spiritually. I was not prepared for the grief, loss, anxiety and depression I felt, and soon turned to self-medication. This quickly took a turn for the worst affecting everything, including my professional life, my personal relationships and my physical and mental health. I met up with a child hood friend who was a personal trainer. He urged me to get back into the gym. The days, weeks and months to follow were not easy but I slowly began to see the transformation. Through my fitness journey I was able to manage my anxiety, depression, and eliminate my addiction and reach overall happiness in my life. I made a commitment to help others achieve the same; to support them in achieving happiness and success. This lead to the beginning of my career as a personal trainer in 2005.

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For your convenience, we offer a variety of payment plans through a choice of firms. Applying is easy and secure. Patients may be pre-approved for financing with a low-interest monthly payment plan.

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When you are prepared emotionally, mentally, and physically, losing weight is easier and more successful. Our Weight Loss Assessment is designed to ensure that you are ready to begin your weight loss journey with us here at Body and Mind. Please take the time to answer a few questions honestly, so that we can help you find the best program for you.

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