3 Little Known Reasons Why You Can’t Lose Weight

  • October 30, 2016

poses-1367416_1280Does this sound familiar? 


You wake up the day after you signed up with ABC Weight Loss Clinic feeling renewed, filled with purposes, and ready to tackle the multitude of food temptations that will inevitably come at you like a bullet.  You feel strong.  You’ve got your “don’t mess with me” sneakers on.  You throw out all of the Oreos, Lorna Doones, and Domino’s pizza leftovers.  Your family and friends watch in awe as you soldier on through your program, smiling, confident and undeterred.



This bliss goes on for about 6 weeks or so until one day you weigh in at the clinic and not only did you not lose weight but you gained.  What?!  You swear the extra weight is from your big, fuzzy dice key chain, the water weight from your period, the seashell bracelet from Macy’s or the thick, winter pants your aunt bought you for your birthday.  Your lower lip starts to quiver but you take a deep breath, suck it up and keep it moving until the next week and the week after when the same thing happens.  You light up everybody by phone, email and text.  You get on your Facebook page and swear that the manufacturer of the clinic’s scales should recall all of those models because they’re obviously malfunctioning.   When your social media tirade is over you remember that you’re getting the same story from your scale at home.  Now, your scale has never been a trusted member of the family but you keep it around for sentimental reasons.  It was there when you were 100 pounds lighter just before you got married, it was front and center the day you found out you were pregnant with your first child and when you wondered if your suitcase was over the weight limit before your trip to the Everglades.  What’s going on? You ask yourself.  “I never cheated on the eating plan”.  “I was perfect”.  “I even turned down a piece of my own birthday cake.”


After the cursing, sobbing uncontrollably, slurping down three Starbucks Mocha Frappuccinos, and assaulting a whole package of fig newtons topped with a pint of Haagen Daz rum raisin ice cream you find yourself sitting on the edge of the bed calling ABC Weight Loss Clinic to get advice.  “Well,” the kind voice says on the other end of the phone, “are you sure you followed the eating plan exactly? Because if you did, you shouldn’t have gained weight.”  You softly mumble a response and the once kind voice has now become monotone.  “You probably just stalled, just keep trying…see you next week.”  The phone slowly slips out of your hand onto the floor.


What just played out above is unfortunately reality for many people.  You’ve followed every recommendation yet you still hit the wall.  It’s called a plateau and we know it’s real.  However it’s not the rest of the story.  The truth is much deeper but nobody seems to care.  After all it must be your fault that you’re not losing the weight, right?   When this has happened to you has any one ever asked about how you’ve been sleeping? What about your stress level?  Has anybody asked or tested your full nutrient profile?  Lastly has any clinic asked about or tested for gut problems?  It’s easy for clinics to blame a woman’s menstrual cycle for weight gain or a stall.  It’s a reasonable assumption because hormones play an integral role in our metabolism and overall health.   Men aren’t immune to the effects of hormones either and can also find themselves struggling to maintain a healthy lifestyle if their levels are out of balance.  Which begs the question:  has anyone ever tested or asked about your hormone levels?  I don’t just mean the common ones.


As you can see I just identified more than three reasons why you may not be able to lose weight (read:  lose fat effectively and keep it off).  So, here’s the $64,000 question:  why settle for the status quo when it comes to your health?  Only you can answer that question.

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