General program information

  • Q: What makes Body & Mind programs different?

    A: Our programs are comprehensive in that they offer you access to many services including obesity medicine physician who is also double board certified in addiction and adult psychiatry, a doctoral level Registered Dietitian, psychiatric support, personal training, social support through regular group sessions among other services that help you succeed with maintaining your long lasting emotional and physical health goals.

  • Q: How long are your programs?

    A: Our programs range from 4 weeks to 52 weeks in length (16 week program with optional maintenance program), please click here to read the detailed descriptions of each program.

  • Q: Why is the Weight No More® program that long?

    A: Think about the times you’ve tried to lose weight in the past. Usually it’s been easy at the beginning but then something happens and either you stop losing weight or you lose interest in the program or both. Our goal is to keep you encouraged, engaged, inspired, and interested throughout the year. If you can substitute newly learned habits for previous ones then your chances of life-long success are increased.

  • Q: What are meal replacements?

    A: Meal replacements are food items that replace your meals during the day. You may either replace one or all of your meals initially depending on your goals and needs. All of our programs are supervised by our obesity medicine physician, and PhD dietitian for your safety and comfort. Each meal replacement is approximately 100 calories each and women use an average of 5 per day and men use an average of 7 per day. Keep in mind that these are just averages and each client’s intake is individualized for their particular situation. We use OPTIFAST® products in our clinic (i.e. ready-to-drink shakes, soups, bars, and powdered shakes).  Their products are great tasting and are designed to meet your nutritional needs.   have a variety of meal replacements that taste great and that be tailored to your needs.

  • Q: Will I be hungry on the meal replacement program?

    A: For the first few days on any program when the carbohydrates are decreased the body will go through a bit of “withdrawal”. This is natural. You may experience fatigue, irritability, cravings for carbohydrates but this will pass as your body adjusts to your new way of eating. This is why we surround you with such intensive support in our program (i.e. weekly visits) because we’ve been there and know the struggle. We are also on-call 24hrs per day for you if you need us.

  • Q: How do I know what program is right for me?

    A: In general, our entry requirements are BMI >30 with no co-morbid medical conditions or a BMI >25 with at least 1 co-morbid medical condition or a body fat percentage of >/=32% in women or >/=25% in men. We ask that you make a commitment to yourself to participate in the program fully. If you’ve had the experience of losing weight then gaining it all back plus more weight then you know how difficult it is to achieve long-term success in any wellness program. Long-term management of your physical health is the goal for all of our clients and we are committed to helping you achieve that goal.

  • Q: What if I don’t want to use meal replacements?

    A: Not a worry. Again, we want you to participate in a program that will match your goals and needs. So, if your goals are to learn how to cook your own meals, learn about nutrition as a means of regaining your health then the Weight No More® program is still a good fit for you. You would just choose the Registered Dietitian track (Helping Hand® program). Ultimately you will have options to achieve your wellness goals.

  • Q: What if I have food sensitivities or intolerances?

    A: As part of our included lab work-up we test for food insensitivities/intolerances because these can interfere with your health goals. Many times it’s a simple modification or elimination of an item from our diet that can make all of the difference in our mood and physical health.

  • Q: I’ve heard a lot about gut microbiota. What is that?

    A: Gut microbiota is a very active area of investigation currently that is looking at how the organisms in our gut impact how we break down our food. Also what’s been found is that there is a difference between the organisms in those with weight issues and those without weight issues. The good news is that there are lab tests for this and ways to change the microbiota to your advantage in order improve your overall health. This is also included as part of your intake lab work and our MD will go over the results with you during one of your visits.

KE Diet® questions

  • Q: What is the KE Diet®?

    A: The KE Diet is a revolutionary weight loss intervention that utilizes a pediatric NG tube to deliver a continuous feeding that eliminates the need to eat for 10 days. It has been shown to lead to a decreased in 5-10% of body weight which is mostly fat. This intervention induces ketosis (uses fat for energy) and is done under medical supervision. For video details click here. (please insert link to KE Diet® video)

  • Q: Am I appropriate for the KE Diet®?

    A: There are few contraindications to the KE Diet® however Dr. Scurry will determine if you meet criteria to participate in this intervention after your consult. Ideally, if you have serious kidney and/or heart problems or are currently pregnant you would not be able to participate in the KE diet program®

  • Q: What do I do after the 10 day cycle?

    A: At our clinic the KE Diet® is only provided as part of a comprehensive program. We do this for your benefit so that you can meet your ultimate goals of wellness. The KE Diet® is either a stand-alone program that includes a fitness evaluation and program design + visits with our Registered Dietitian to assist you with an individualized meal plan to continue your long-term wellness goals or you may choose to enroll in our Jump Start to Health® program that includes the KE Diet, a 12 week comprehensive online weight management course, a fitness assessment, and an nutritional assessment,  For additional details please click here.

Fitness program

  • Q: Do you think physical activity is important to my weight loss goals?

    A: Physical activity should be an integral part of any weight management program.  We have an in-house gym with a personal trainer available for you.  You  have a choice of in person personal training or online personal training as a value add-on service.

  • Q: If I choose personal training how often do I meet with the trainer?

    A: Each person is provided with a personalized fitness assessment and you and the trainer will discuss the physical activity schedule that best suits your needs.

  • Q: Do you offer group personal training?

    A: Yeswe offer boot camp classes every Tuesday at 5:30 p.m..  It’s a great class to get started with physical activity.  The cost is $99 per month with a 3 month committment and includes 4 body composition analyses. Or if you’re only interested in a monthly plan, the cost is $125 per month.

  • Q: What if I’m embarrassed to exercise in front of other people?

    A: We completely understand that. Dr. Scurry was 500 pounds and felt the same way. Our center is very quiet and personal. Please let our trainer know of any concerns you have regarding training. We want you to feel comfortable in our clinic.

Nutrition program

  • Q: Can you tell me if I’m able to see a dietitian as part of your programs?

    A: Yes! Each client receives an intake with Dr. Burkholder-Cooley our Registered Dietitian on entry to any of our programs. She is available by phone, email, text and online video.

  • Q: What if I have food allergies or other concerns about my meal plans?

    A: Dr. Burkholder-Cooley can assist you with whatever your dietary needs are. She can personalize your meal plans and provide you with recipes that meet your needs. During your nutrition assessment with her she will get to know your food preferences so that she can provide the most effective eating plan for you.

Billing issues

  • Q: Do you take insurance?

    A: This is an excellent question. We realize that most of our clients have insurance however our programs are fee for service. We can provide you with a superbill with the appropriate ICD-10 codes to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement. Dr. Scurry and Dr. Burkholder-Cooley’s services may be eligible for reimbursement through your insurance company. Also if you have a health savings account those funds can be used for our services as well. Lastly, we have a no credit check installment plan via Paypal along with 2 excellent patient financing programs for our clients to utilize.

  • Q: Why don’t you take insurance?

    A: Our services are very comprehensive as compared to other obesity medical clinics. Our physician spends 60 minutes with each client for intake so that she can get to know you as a human being. Moreover, our services are geared toward long-term wellness goals. We’re not here to provide HCG injections or other quick fixes just so we can generate repeat business when you gain the weight back. We want this to be the last program that you need to get your life back. If you’re tired of being tired, if you’ve spent thousands of dollars over the years to lose weight and then gain it and more back, and if long-term health improvement is your ultimate goal then we welcome you to participate in our programs.

  • Q: Can I use my Flexible healthcare spending account?

    A: Yes you can for the fees associated with the physician, dietitian.  The fees for the personal trainer included in your package may be eligible expenses under this program.  You will need a letter of medical necessity that indicates you’ve entered the program to treat obesity of another medical condition.  For additional information please click here.  To download the form please click here.

Other questions

  • Q: Is there a guarantee that I will lose weight?

    A: That’s a good question. First, even with bariatric surgery there is no guarantee of a certain amount of weight loss because it’s dependent on many factors including the type of surgery, how well the patient/client follows the physician’s recommendations, co-existing medical and psychiatric issues, etc. In other words, there are no guarantees of an exact amount of weight loss. Furthermore, it would be unethical to guarantee any amount of weight loss. What we do guarantee is that we work with you to help you meet your goals. Keep in mind that even after a 5-10% weight loss a person’s health can improve. With hard work, positive support, encouragement and a solid behavioral health/nutrition/physical activity program you can improve your health. Call us today to start your journey.

How do I get started?

Please call us at 844-MYLIFE-1 for an intake appointment.

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