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I remember waking up one morning and dreading getting up. I’d lie there staring at my bedroom ceiling thinking that once I stepped onto the floor it was going to be different. So, I’d crawl out of bed, put my feet on the floor and stand up. As I walked the few feet to the door it started: the tightness in my chest, the shortness of breath, and the sweating. By the time I’d reach my bathroom some 5-10 feet from my room I had to lean on the sink just to catch my breath. This was how I started every day for over a year. Prior to that I had been a “healthy” 500 pound woman living her life, working full-time, and seemingly dealing with my emotional eating patterns.

It wasn’t until 2011 when my mother died that everything fell apart. Many of you out there may be struggling with similar issues—traumas, loss, frustrations, anger, sadness, and anxieties. No matter what the emotion it always seems to end up with turning to food for comfort. I went looking for a program prior to taking the surgery leap that would help me with my nutrition, exercise and emotional eating but I couldn’t find one. Well, in 2012 I had decided, with the help and support of a close friend, to make the toughest decision of my life and that was to have bariatric surgery. Fast forward 3 ½ yeas and 300 pounds lost I’m here now alive, healthier, but painfully still aware of the struggle.

So, I decided to start this center to help others like I had been helped. That’s where our flagship program the Weight No More Program comes from—the knowledge that we can be healthier if we have positive forces in our lives, compassion, caring, and understanding that is backed by solid medical, psychiatric, nutritional, and exercise support. You have that with us here and we welcome you to our center and look forward to helping you reach your goals.

Who can benefit for the Weight No More Program?:

The Weight No More® program is a comprised of an active component of 16 weeks with an affordable and optional maintenance program for the remaining 36 weeks.  It’s perfect for you if you need more structure or have issues with emotional eating and other stressors of life.

What’s included during the 16 week active phase?:

Quite a bit!

  • once weekly groups (50 minutes) with the medical director
  • a personalized fitness assessment (individual personal training sessions are optional but highly recommended)
  • access to our gym area including towels and water during business hours
  • 60 minute intake with our obesity medicine physician
  • 60 minute initial nutritional assessment and monthly follow-ups with our registered dietitian
  • Drop in group medical appointments prior to the weekly group
  • Full labs prior to start of program
  • Weekly weigh ins and full body composition analysis on intake and monthly thereafter
  • 24/7 access to staff for additional support

Is this a meal replacement program?

We know that everyone is different so we want to ensure that you have options to meet your goals. So, The Weight No More® program offers either an OPTIFAST® meal replacement track (Meals on the Go®) or the RD track (Helping Hand®) where our RD will show you how to cook healthier meals based on your nutritional requirements. You may wish to start with one track and then transition to the other track—this is fine. Just let us know and we can assist you with the change.

Do you prescribe weight loss medications during this program?:

Each client will receive a comprehensive intake by the obesity medicine physician which includes a medical and psychiatric history. Moreover, your previous diet history will be discussed along with any issues related to eating disorders. If it’s determined that anti-obesity medications are clinically indicated then these may be prescribed taking into account each person’s medical and psychiatric history.

Are B12 injections or HCG shots part of this program?:

The use of B12 injections or any type of B12 supplementation is clinically warranted if it’s determined that you have a B12 deficiency or are low-normal in your B12 level. Again, labs will be drawn and your results will be discussed with you at your intake. For those with normal B12 levels, there is no strong research indicating that B12 supplementation improves weight loss efforts. In terms of HCG there is no strong research evidence that this is clinically appropriate in weight loss efforts so we do not use HCG injections.  Most recently HCG supplies have been the subject of serious concern by the FDA.  Click here for the article

Which track is right for me?

This really depends on your needs.  If you prefer the ease of having meals ready to go then the OPTIFAST®  track may be a good fit.  If you like to prepare your own meals then the RD track may be a good fit.  What is the main issue for folks trying to maintain their weight?  It’s just that, a compassionate, comprehensive, supportive maintenance phase.  It’s the supportive hands-on approach that sets us apart form other programs.  Don’t you deserve a program that’s all about you?

What is the cost of your program?

The program fee for either program is $2399 for 16 weeks (cost of food meal replacements is not included as your daily servings will vary).   We have patient financing for every budget and credit situation.   You can also use your flexible spending account funds along with any major credit card.  At your request you’ll receive a superbill to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement.  Please contact your insurance company about out-of-network reimbursements.

Can you explain the maintenance phase again?

Of course.  As you know it’s easy to lose weight initially but keeping it off is the struggle.  Our program has an optional maintenance phase for your long-term success.  Because each person requires different tools to be successful we have the Design Your Own Maintenance Program.  If you choose to continue with  meal replacements, purchase personal training or boot camp, continue to work with Dr. Burkholder-Cooley, etc you can do that!  Your program should fit your needs.

Your program seems a bit more affordable than other OPTIFAST® programs.  Why?

We strive to design a program that fits your needs.  You will find all of the tools in one convenient location however you and staff will discuss what treatment plan works for you.  After all, it’s all about what you need to succeed.

How do I get started?

We have a no pressure staff here.  You will not be hard sold on anything.  Feel free to call us at any time, come in for a tour of the clinic, come to our free trial boot camp class on Tuesdays at 5:30 p.m. to get to know us.  Our staff is here to help you!

How do I get started?

Please call us at 844-MYLIFE-1 for an intake appointment.

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